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Why use AuditWolf?

Gartners stat

Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. That’s a shocking statistic straight from Gartner research.

What does that mean to you and your company if you are responsible for managing your cloud IT in the Microsoft Cloud? It may mean nothing. Or everything. It’s a key factor on why we built the AuditWolf Cloud Management Platform for Azure. To give you clarity and confidence when it comes to managing your cloud environments in Azure.

Read on to see why you should be using AuditWolf with Azure.

You can’t abdicate your responsibility of cloud security to Microsoft

Who is responsible for cloud security, the cloud provider or the customer?

The answer is really both.

And the fact that not everyone is aligned with that statement is one of the main reasons Gartner’s stat may hold true for a lot of customers in the coming years. It is far too easy to believe that moving to Azure means Microsoft will take care of security for you. But you would be wrong.

We’ve talked about this in our article about the ‘cloud shared security model’. There are still security responsibilities that you are accountable for in Azure, and its all dependent on the type of services that you have subscribed to. Here is a great chart that may help to clarify where Microsoft’s responsibility starts, and where yours ends.

Shared Responsibility Model

Here is where AuditWolf helps. We continuously monitor your Azure cloud environment looking for changes. When we see resources are added or changed, we analyze them against policies that map to industry and regulatory standards to quickly assess your security and compliance posture to meet your cloud governance needs.

If there is any security technical debt you are responsible for fixing, we automatically generate work item tasks for you. This helps you stay on top of the more important administrative work that relates to your responsibilities in cloud security.

Enhance the Azure Advisor with contextual relevance

AuditWolf Task DetailsThe Azure Advisor is your free, personalized recommendation guide to Azure best practices. You can think of it as your personalized cloud consultant that helps you follow best practices to optimize your Azure deployments.

It analyzes your resource configuration and usage telemetry. It then recommends solutions to help improve the performance, security, and high availability of your resources while looking for opportunities to reduce your overall Azure spend.

AuditWolf uses the output from the Azure Advisor as one of our data inputs. We further augment it with other data we have collected that helps us understand the relationship between resources. That allows us to appropriately prioritize what work needs to be done first.

We then generate your organized task list of work items and attach auto-generated remediation scripts that you can immediately run in the Azure CloudShell to fix your cloud issues, without needing to know any scripting at all.

It’s a better-together solution to help you find and fix your cloud issues fast. And keep an audit trail of all these changes while they happen.

Improve your Microsoft Secure Score

AuditWolf Dashboard

With Microsoft Secure Score in the Microsoft 365 security center, you can gain increased visibility and control of your company’s security posture in the Microsoft Cloud. You can monitor and improve the security for your Microsoft 365 identities, data, apps, devices, and infrastructure.

AuditWolf uses Microsoft Secure Score as one of the data input signals we validate as part of our own analysis. We overlay that security intelligence with our own to come up with a plan to help Azure operators manage their cloud environment better.

We call this the AuditWolf Audit Score.

You are given points based on the adherence to policies that map to industry and regulatory standards to produce healthy and safe cloud infrastructure. It goes beyond Office 365 security and looks at all your Azure resources holistically. From virtual machines to web apps. Storage to databases. IaaS. PaaS. And SaaS. We got you covered.

Your AuditWolf Audit Score dashboard gives you robust visualizations of the areas that need work and allow you to track the improvements to your Azure environment over time. And best of all, as you complete the prioritized tasks laid out for you within the AuditWolf portal you automatically improve both your Microsoft Secure Score along with your AuditWolf Audit Score. All in one place.

Tame the beast that is Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center provides you the tools needed to harden your network, secure your services and make sure you're on top of your security posture. It is an extremely powerful enterprise toolset excellent for threat detection. As an Azure operator responsible for providing security to your organization’s data, you’ll likely need to act on it. Where do you start? What do you do? What should be done first?

This is where AuditWolf comes in. In fact, we take the signals produced by the Azure Security Center as inputs that we then enrich with contextual data to help organize and prioritize what needs to be worked on first. It’s how we can tell you that a virtual machine needs to be patched without requiring you to install an agent from us. Or why you should take action to lock down one storage account over another first, because we can determine which has a higher likeliness to be accessed by an adversary first. We leverage Microsoft’s threat intelligence as one of many data inputs that are used in our own analysis process.

AuditWolf Data Inputs

Track your changes using cloud configuration change management

AuditWolf Change DiffsOne of the biggest long-term threats to face your Azure cloud environment is configuration drift. Configuration drift is any situation where your cloud environment begins to drift away from its optimal configuration due to ongoing usage, tweaking, and other changes made by team members in their day-to-day work.

It’s hard to keep track of that. People sometimes forget what they changed that might be impacting your cloud services. AuditWolf doesn’t.

AuditWolf maintains a full audit trail of cloud configuration changes to your Azure environment. It also maintains an activity history that correlates policy violations and resource remediations to help you isolate and attribute to when things change over time. It provides graphical visualization ‘diffs’ that allow you to easily compare and contrast what has been altered. For the entire lifecycle of the resource. We even keep that for historical audit purposes after it’s been deleted from Azure.

Organize and prioritize the most important IT work in your Azure environment

AuditWolf Resource DetailsLet’s face it. The job of an Azure operator is never done. The speed and agility of the cloud means change is constant. That can be hard to keep up with. Or, at least it used to be.

AuditWolf is here to help. It is constantly evaluating the changes that are occurring in your Azure environment and prioritizing what work needs to be performed by looking at the severity and audit score together to decide what to focus on next. When you complete the work AuditWolf reassess all policies against the resource, and if it passes, automatically closes the task and improves your audit score.

But it doesn’t end there. We group and associate your related work items and maintain a distinct audit trail associated directly with individual resources. This allows you to quickly see in one place all the technical debt that may be associates with a resource, allowing you to plan and schedule any and all remediations that makes the most sense for you.

Simplify your cloud cost management in Azure

AuditWolf Cost ManagementAuditWolf takes the guesswork out of Azure. Now you can easily answer the questions about cost, wastage and compliance that matter most to your business. In simple and easy to understand visuals, you can quickly answer:

  • How much Azure cloud am I using this month, and how does it compare to last month?
  • Am I on budget this month?
  • How much am I projected to spend this year on Azure?
  • How has my Azure cloud usage been trending over the last year?

Not only does AuditWolf automatically generate forecasted budgets for you based on your previous usage, it notifies you if cost overruns are predicted.

It even gives you the visibility you need to optimise your Azure spend and reduce cloud wastage. We automatically notify you when new cost optimizations are detected, like when a virtual machine is underutilized and can be downgraded, or when unused resources are detected that can be turned off or deleted.

With AuditWolf you get everything you need to create a cost efficient, secure and healthy Azure environment.

We turn the operational signals Microsoft produces in Azure into actionable tasks

Microsoft produces lots of signals all over the place that can help to improve your Azure environment. The thing is, it’s confusing…. the information is not centralized, nor designed for people who may not be CloudOps experts but whom are still responsible for managing their Azure IT.

This is where AuditWolf comes in. Gain confidence and clarify on what needs to be done, all in one place. It helps you find and fix your cloud issues fast… before you become a Gartner statistic.

See for yourself by trying it free for 14 days.

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