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Track your cloud security against compliance requirements

Compliance Assurance

If your company operates in a regulated industry, ensuring compliance is a key business requirement. However, tracking your cloud resources against compliance frameworks such as CIS, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and NIST can be challenging. AuditWolf enables you to monitor, remediate, and report on compliance using policies you can apply instantly and report on violations that do not meet governance requirements.

Establish policy safeguards to detect and remediate risk

Security Governance

Ensuring that your company adheres to your cloud-based security policies is imperative for managing risks. Unfortunately, security governance is challenging in dynamic public cloud computing environments due to the lack of visibility and control over changes. AuditWolf enables DevSecOps by establishing policy safeguards to detect and remediate risks as resources are deployed and their configurations changed, all while monitoring the attack surface of your hosted cloud environments and tracking and alerting on suspicious behavior.

SOC Enablement

Security Operations and Monitoring

Decentralized and rapidly changing cloud environments expand the threat landscape that cloud administrators and security operations teams must face. The adoption of cloud computing makes it far too easy to lose sight of your users, resources and data and makes it difficult to triage issues in a timely manner.

AuditWolf enables you to identify vulnerabilities that put you at risk and detect new threats to your cloud computing environment, continuously monitoring for change and feeding alerts directly into your IT management systems. For the first time, not only can you find out what security risks you may face due to misconfiguration, but also see what the impact is and how it's actually affecting you. By looking at your entire cloud environment in context AuditWolf can provide operational insights as to what is going on, and constantly learns and adapts as the environment changes.