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Working With Cloud Resources

AuditWolf makes it easy to work with your Azure Cloud Resources

AW SC 007

On the Cloud Resource page, you’ll see a list of all of the resources that AuditWolf has found. From the main page, you can see the status of the resource, the name, the type, its resource group, and subscription. If you want to see a particular subset of these, you can filter the page to show just the resources you want to see.

On the next tab, you can see a master list of issues AuditWolf has identified within your resources.

The third tab provides you with insight into how your environment has evolved over time, including new resources discovered, issues resolved, and new issues detected

If you want specific details on a resource, you can click into it. There you can see an overview of this resource, including the task list for just that specific resource. As well, there’s an Audit Trail tab showing you the history of this resource as seen by AuditWolf.

It’s just that easy to work with your Azure Cloud Resources, with AuditWolf