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Understanding Your Azure Infrastructure Report

AuditWolf makes it easy to understand your Azure environment with the Azure Infrastructure Report

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This report is designed to make documenting your Azure cloud, simple, easy, and repeatable

It starts with an executive summary, showing you the basic details of your subscription including which datacenters you’re using, how many resources in each, and which resource providers you’re using.

Next is an AuditWolf summary of the general health of your environment, as well as how many opportunities for improvement are available.

Next is the cost management summary, giving you a quick look at your Azure spend.

After that, we have a list of important security recommendations.

The next section is a list of all your resource groups, and their member resources.

Here we have a list of all the different resources in this subscription, sorted by service.

Each resource has the key configuration information listed providing you with the details you might need in an emergency.

Finally, we attach your latest AuditWolf Assessment Report as Appendix A so you have a copy in your documentation.

We recommend running this report regularly, printing it, and storing it securely as part of your disaster recovery documentation.

It’s just that easy to understand and document your Azure environment, with AuditWolf