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Sign up issues with AuditWolf

Learn how to troubleshoot issues with signing up to AuditWolf

AuditWolf relies on Microsoft's Azure Active Directory for user and account management. As such, from time to time we come across interesting issues that relate to the legacy of Microsoft's identity system, and how you use it.

Step 1: Isolate your Microsoft account

The most common problem we see is conflict between multiple Azure Active Directory or Live accounts in the same browser. To eliminate that issue when first signing up with AuditWolf consider using an entirely different browser, or use an In-Private/Incognito session where you have not logged into any Microsoft Cloud services. This includes Office 365 OWA / calendaring.

If you do this, only your single account that you want to use will be seen in Microsoft's identity provider (IdP), and the issued access from Microsoft to AuditWolf can be clearly assured.

Step 2: Make sure you are using the RIGHT account

Make sure that when you log into your Microsoft account that it matches the tenant you supplied during signup. If you select a different account from the identity selector that is not authorized to log into that tenant, Microsoft will block you.

Step 3: Make sure you have admin rights to Azure

During signup AuditWolf checks your access to ensure you have privileges to grant us read access to your subscription(s). If you do not have admin rights we stop the signup process. Make sure you are selecting the account with Owner, Service Owner, Global Administrator or Co-Administrator rights.

Still stuck?

Send us an email to help@auditwolf.com or open up a chat with us using the Live Chat feature below and to the right. We're here to help.