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Completing Tasks to Solve Issues

AuditWolf makes it easy to solve issues in Azure




AuditWolf makes it easy to solve issues in Azure. Once you’ve prioritized your pending tasks it’s really easy to solve them., When you’re looking at a task, you’ll not only see what didn’t pass, but why it’s important, and how to fix it.

To fix this issue, we can copy the provided remediation script and head over to the Azure Cloud Shell. With the shell open, we can paste in the script we were given and hit enter. Back in AuditWolf, we can hit rescan resource to refresh our overall audit score.

If you have multiple issues to fix in a single session, you can hit rescan after the last one and AuditWolf will rescan everything for you in one pass.

It’s just that easy to solve issues in Azure, thanks to AuditWolf