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Posted by Dana Epp

Why we started the KnowOps movement : Azure administration for the rest of us

One of the privileges in working with our customers who use AuditWolf is getting to engage with Azure administrators from all walks of life. Over the last couple of years we've noticed an interesting trend where the lines between IT Pros, developers and business managers are blurring as cloud computing comes into its own light and it becomes much easier to roll out Cloud IT with a credit card and a few clicks.

We've also seen an interesting byproduct to this. The entire idea of "Ops" is shifting. First it was ITOps. Then it was DevOps. And now as some administrators rely on the cloud vendor to do most of the work, this idea of NoOps. Problem is, how can you trust so much automation? You can't abdicate responsibility, as you as an operator have a part to play too. We cover that in our post about the shared responsibility model when working in the cloud.

So how can you NoOps, if you don't KNOW Ops?

That's the premise of a new movement we are calling #knowops. It includes a new video series we are producing for a dedicated YouTube channel, a private LinkedIn community group of like minded Azure administrators and a weekly KnowOps newsletter that brings this all to your inbox each week. We also plan to publish a podcast starting next month so you can consume the content that way if you prefer.

Here is the channel trailer to help you understand what KnowOps is all about.

Our goal is to publish a new video in the series every Thursday. We ❤️ #ITOps / #AzOps / #CloudOps and hope you will join the community of Azure administrators who want to #KnowOps.

Here are a few ways you can join us:

  1. Subscribe to the KnowOps newsletter.
  2. Subscribe to the KnowOps YouTube channel.
  3. Join the KnowOps LinkedIn group. 



Topics: Cloud Operations (CloudOps), KnowOps