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Posted by Dana Epp

Cloud computing in Azure : IAAS vs PAAS vs SAAS vs PIZZA🍕?

Choosing the right flavor of cloud computing can really help you modernize your Cloud IT stack, and allow you to pay as you grow with the right compute at the right time.

It is surprising how many times I talk to Azure administrators to find out they only think about virtual machines in the cloud. There are so many other excellent options to consider, including:

... just to name a few.

Microsoft offers a ton of different options allowing you to build out your Cloud IT infrastructure however you like. From managing the infrastructure yourself all the way to having them take care of almost everything, including the applications right in the Microsoft Cloud.

It got me to thinking that sometimes its hard to relate the different options. I once saw it explained using pizza 🍕. I found this chart helpful when trying to explain that (hey, I was hungry at the time I was thinking about this...)



Anyways, I go into more detail about this in the latest episode of #KnowOps. You can check it out below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the KnowOps channel and get early access to the loads of other information to help you master the Microsoft cloud by signing up for the KnowOps Newsletter.



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