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AuditWolf makes it easy for people who aren't security experts to understand their cloud security.

We’re a small team doing big things.

At AuditWolf, we provide visibility into our customer's cloud security posture, and alert them when we detect violations that put their data and deployments at risk. It's so simple and effective, you get the freedom to focus on your business and leave protecting it to us.

Our platform is continuously evaluating your security controls in the cloud. With the pace of innovation in the cloud outgrowing typical security defenses, we've got your back by always evaluating things in context as they change to help you understand what is going on over time. From asset and configuration management all the way to modern era of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and DevOps CI/CD, know that AuditWolf is always on the hunt for risky configurations, vulnerable hosts and poor data security practices.  

Where in the World is AuditWolf?

AuditWolf supports our customers across the globe. We use the Microsoft Cloud ourselves to run our company - we build, manage and sell our solutions all online. We are a 100% remote company, working at all manner of coworking spaces, home offices and coffee houses. This gives our people the freedom and flexibility to do their best work for virtually anywhere, at any time. It gives you the best talent at a more affordable price.

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