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We help you find and fix your cloud issues fast.



Meet Apollo. He’s your audit wolf, and our mascot. He stands for something important. That no matter who you are, and what your level of experience, you need confidence and clarity in your Cloud IT. You shouldn’t need to be a CloudOps expert to understand the cloud.

We believe that by helping you be better at Azure administration it protects us all. We do this by taking our experience and expertise and embedding it into the DNA of our tools that help you find and fix your cloud issues fast.

Our story

The idea of AuditWolf came from some of the pains Dana Epp (our founder) had through his past experiences as a CTO. While spending millions on public and private cloud infrastructure, he was frustrated that his own teams couldn’t always give him clarity or confidence in how well cloud infrastructure was running.

Configuration drift was far too common, and security incidents were far too regular. And let’s not get into the sprawling cloud-based shadow IT that was hard to track.

At times it felt like it was hard for his Ops staff to keep up with the changing technical landscape in the cloud, slowing down deployments, all while his developers wanted to move forward faster.

It was really frustrating. There was no easy way to audit this without huge investments in people and custom code. Even though Ops had awesome tools to manage this for the on-premises workloads… there was nothing usable for the cloud.


Dana founded Wildrook Software to tackle that challenge. CloudOps in Azure would never be the same. AuditWolf was born.


Mailing Address

Wildrook Software Corp.
Suite 530, 1231 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 0A2, Canada