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Aspire to be a better Azure administrator

Five ways that AuditWolf can help

Discover and inventory your cloud infrastructure

Continuously discover your new and changing cloud resources in Azure and inventory them all in one place.

Replace the tedious and error-prone manual process of creating documentation with an accurate, up-to-date technical Azure Infrastructure Report that is automatically created for you and shows changes over time.

Assess the quality of your cloud configuration

Stay in control of your cloud governance with pre-built policy assessments that help you stay in compliance with industry best-practices.

Be notified when risky misconfigurations to your Azure environment are detected or weaker data security is observed, closing the window of exposure against the vile and villainy of the Internet.

Tackle the tasks that matter most

Have an organized, prioritized task list of work that needs to be performed in your Azure environment always at hand, all in one place.

Work smarter and faster with autogenerated scripts that complete your tasks quickly, helping you discover the scripting guru in you.

Track your cloud configuration changes

Keep a historical audit trail of all changes that happen to your Azure environment over time, allowing you to track configuration drift.

Keep score of the improvements to your Azure environment with the AuditWolf Audit Score, and the comprehensive AuditWolf dashboard.


Gain clear visibility to your cloud costs

Get a clear view of your cloud spend at a glance. Be notified if you go off budget or if AuditWolf detects ways to reduce cloud waste.

Bring operational insights from AuditWolf to your tools of choice…

AuditWolf plays nice with others


Join thousands of Azure administrators who aspire to be the best administrators they can, even when ‘Azure administrator’ isn’t in their job title…



Our mission is to help you operate more effectively in Azure

You have your own mission to fulfill - and operating in the cloud safely shouldn't stand in your way. Put your passion into your business and trust AuditWolf to notify you when we detect your data and deployments are at risk.

You don't have to be a CloudOps expert to understand the cloud

At least, not with AuditWolf. With the pace of innovation happening online, it's hard to keep up with all the changes to your cloud workloads. That's why we designed our platform to work with your data, deployments and people. Let our experience and best practice guidance provided within the DNA of AuditWolf help and lead you through your cloud journey.