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Stay on top of the most important admin work you need to do in Azure

Gain confidence and clarity about what important administrative work needs to be done in your cloud environment. AuditWolf's cloud management platform generates a comprehensive task list of guidance that allows you to focus on what matters most.

Using out of box policies that map to industry and regulatory standards, you can quickly assess your security and compliance posture to meet your cloud governance needs.

Let the platform automatically detect risky configurations and weaker data security policies so you can see your cloud issues quickly and take action with auto-generated scripts, all before your cloud environment is exploited. 


Keep track of your cloud configuration changes

Keep tabs on the changes to your cloud resources and work that needs to be done, all in one place. Easily filter and sort through your cloud infrastructure and drill into your configuration settings. Have comfort in knowing you have a detailed audit trail that keeps a history of your cloud configuration changes for the entire lifecycle of your Azure resources. Even after they are deleted from the Microsoft Cloud.



Gain visibility into your cloud costs

With AuditWolf you gain comprehensive visibility into all your cloud infrastructure. Stay on top of your cloud spend through our cost management platform with built-in forecasting tools that help you avoid those unexpected charges. Reallocate unnecessary cloud expense by letting AuditWolf hunt down opportunities to right-size your underutilized Azure services.


Our Mission is to Help You Operate Securely in the Cloud

You have your own mission to fulfill - and operating in the cloud safely shouldn't stand in your way. Put your passion into your business and trust AuditWolf to notify you when we detect your data and deployments are at risk.

You don't have to be a CloudOps expert to understand the cloud

At least, not with AuditWolf. With the pace of innovation happening online, it's hard to keep up with all the changes to your cloud workloads. That's why we designed our platform to work with your data, deployments and people. Let our experience and best practice guidance provided within the DNA of AuditWolf help and lead you through your cloud journey.

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